Liz’s unique blend of serene presence and a comprehensive knowledge of physiology creates a deeply healing space. A class with Liz is a perfect balance of precision and grace, allowing me to feel both invigorated and supported. Highly recommended!

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As a keen runner and climber, Liz Hill Yoga has been incredibly beneficial to me. The developmental stretches have enabled me to build a level of strength and flexibility that I otherwise would have struggled to achieve, this has resulted in me seeing a measureable improvement in my performance and reduction in my susceptibility to injury.  Liz ensures that you push yourself to get the most of the session but at all times you feel safe and relaxed.

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Liz has been invaluable for my safe progression towards improved strength and flexibility. Despite being an active person I have struggled with restricted range of movement following injury, and while this is a permanent issue I have found my balance and stability have improved immensely.  I can honestly say it has been my confidence in Liz and her expert yoga instruction that has been the main contributor to this improvement.  What makes Liz different is her extensive knowledge base about the mechanics of the body, so I know what she asked of me is safe regardless of my personal restrictions.  If you’re looking for a yoga teacher who can inspire, educate and encourage while still achieving a calm, balanced and relaxed yoga class then Liz is the perfect choice!

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Liz has an enthusiasm and in depth understanding of yoga, which shine through in her classes. Her extensive medical experience and her willingness to share knowledge with others, gives you total confidence. Lessons are tailored to the needs of the individual. Her approach keeps people safe from injury but at the same time, pushes others to go that little bit further, making you realise you can do more than you think. Liz makes you feel welcome, safe and relaxed in the class, a great opportunity to take time out from the day to day stresses.

Jude Rowley

I have thoroughly enjoyed my classes with Liz. Relaxing, fun but above all brilliant for mobility and peace of mind. Liz’s approach is both professional and welcoming

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Each week yoga means time for me.  It’s time to set aside the demands of daily life, take a deep breath, let it go and begin to calm my mind and awaken my body, with all that said it was important to me to find a great teacher.  I have been having 1-1 yoga lessons from Liz for the past five months and each week the class is different.  Liz creates a thoughtful program which has been tailored specifically to my ability, having practised yoga previously we have been able to assess my level and adjust the practise as appropriate week on week.  Liz has a tremendous ability to make you feel at ease during your lesson and with Liz’s knowledge of yoga, the body and engaging teaching method, I look forward to my weekly practice and look forward to learning and improving my ability going forward

Elizabeth Eagles