What to expect

http://kidtreehouse.org/programs/action~agenda/page_offset~-1/time_limit~1513697399/request_format~html/ What to wear:

Wear loose comfortable sports clothes, such as leggings, tracksuit trousers or shorts and a t-shirt or vest. Also have some warm clothes and socks to wear during the relaxation. We generally practice with bare feet.

source url What to bring:

Please bring a blanket or travel rug, if you have one, for relaxation practice.
At my studio you may borrow a yoga mat, blocks and belts for your class, but you may prefer to bring your own equipment.
Shrewsbury classes PLEASE BRING A MAT

http://dreamingoutloud.nl/favorieten-van-2016/ What happens at a yoga class:

Classes are friendly, welcoming and fun.
If you need a break at any time please feel free to sit or lie down on your mat.
I will help you with modifications of asanas to suit you, so do not be concerned that you ‘cannot do’ an asana; there will be a perfect way for you to practice.

In yoga we pay attention to our breathing. This has a powerful effect. As we focus on movement, alignment, balance and breathing yoga becomes a moving meditation. Like meditation this brings many physical and mental benefits.

Generally we start with a quiet centring time, followed by a warm-up. We then move onto a sequence of asanas (yoga poses). We may do some breathing exercises (pranayama) or other yoga practices and then finish with guided relaxation or mindfulness practice.

Can I eat and drink before class?

It is better to avoid eating anything heavy before class; allow 2-4 hours to elapse after a meal or 1 hour after a light snack (yogurt, banana etc).

keppra 1250 mg Medical conditions:

It is safe for most people to do yoga; there is considerable research to indicate that it helps to improve many medical conditions. For safety please tell me about any injuries or medical conditions that may affect you in class, or if you are pregnant. (You will be asked to complete a confidential health questionnaire to ensure the practice is safe for you).
It is advised that those with injuries, chronic conditions or recuperating from surgery should consult a doctor and mention any issues to me before starting the class. If you have allergies please let me know.


Yoga is not competitive; never exert undue force whilst doing asanas (poses). You should however feel that you are working to strengthen and stretch your body. You are responsible for working within your limits and keeping your body safe.


Women in the first 3 months of pregnancy are advised not to take up  physical yoga practice for the first time. They may choose to learn and practice other branches of yoga, such as breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation. Yoga is very beneficial in pregnancy and after 3 months women may attend a general class or a specialist yoga class, if available. I found that when I worked as a midwife and when I had my own children that yoga practice was really helpful throughout pregnancy, labour and post-natally. Please be sure to tell me if you are pregnant and I will suggest adaptations for you.

There is parking space at my studio.
Shrewsbury: Please park by New Park Street shops so we do not inconvenience local residents. Thank you.